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Some Reviews of God's Philosophers in the Press and on the Internet

Press reviews

  • David J. Davis in Aestimatio 10 (2013)

  • René Fransen in Journal of Reformed Theology 7:1 (2013)

  • R. J. Deltete in Philosophy Review 31:6 (2011)

  • Jason Wardley in the Expository Times (July 2011)

  • Tim Bethell in the Washington Times (26 April 2011)

  • Mark Lardas in the Galveston County Daily News (24 April 2011)

  • Joseph Wolyniak (not online) in Reviews in Science and Religion (November 2010)

("All in all, Hannam offers an equally informed and intriguing read of an era usually maligned or ignored by the general populace. This noble effort will undoubtedly help stem misconceptions.")

  • Steve Connor on the Royal Society Short List in the Independent (20 October 2010)

  • Robert Matthews on the Royal Society Short List in the Daily Telegraph (19 October 2010)

  • Professor Edward Grant (subscribers only) in Metascience (September 2010)

("Hannam has written a splendid book and fully supported his claim that the Middle Ages laid the foundations of modern science. He has admirably met another of his goals, namely that of acquainting a large non-academic audience about the way science and various aspects of natural philosophy functioned in medieval society and laid the foundation for modern science. Readers will also learn much about medicine, magic, alchemy, astrology, and especially technology. And they will learn about these important matters in the history of science against the broad background of the life and times of medieval and early modern societies.")

  • Dr Patricia Fara in BBC History Magazine (August 2010)

  • Dominic Statham in Journal of Creation (August 2010)

  • Dr Allan Chapman (subscribers only) in Science and Christian Belief (April 2010)

("God's Philosophers supplies a powerful, accessible and very much needed corrective to the myth that the medieval Church suppressed science. Indeed, it shows quite the opposite to have been the truth. The book is beautifully written [and] wholly free from jargon.")

  • Dr Shana Worthen (not online) in Viewpoint: The Newsletter of the British Society for the History of Science (February 2010)

  • Ros Sitwell in The Morning Star (12 February 2010)

  • Boris Johnson (not online) in the Mail on Sunday (21 December 2009)

("...this wonderful book. With an engaging fervour, James Hannam has set about rescuing the reputation of a bunch of half-forgotten thinkers, and he shows how they paved the way for modern science.")

  • Ryan Day in Faith Magazine (November/December 2009)

  • William Brock (not online) in Chemistry World (December 2009):

("Hannam's extremely well-written account of mediaeval theologians and writers in Oxford, Paris, and Bologna, as well as in the Islamic empire, is therefore to be welcomed... The book can be highly recommended as the very best kind of popular history.")

  • Jonathan M. Paquette in Quarterly Review (Autumn, 2009);

  • Tom Kennedy in Science Spin (18 Nov 2009);

  • Jonathan Birch in Reformation and Renaissance Review (11:2 2009);

  • Jonathan Wright in the Catholic Herald (9 Oct 2009);

  • Noel Malcolm (not online) in the Sunday Telegraph (30 Aug 2009):

"This book contains much valuable material summarised with commendable no-nonsense clarity... James Hannam has done a fine job of knocking down an old caricature.")

Internet reviews

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